Rules and RegulationsUsers’ obligations


1.Ethics of bodily cleanliness

Users undertake to observe the Ethics of bodily cleanliness.

2.Relations between users & Librarians

Respect and courtesy must govern relations between users, on the one hand, as well as between users and the staff of the World Conquest Library on the other hand. Any inappropriate or abusive behaviour towards the staff or other users may be punished by a temporary exclusion.

3.Use of computer resources

The use of computer resources at the Library is exclusively for documentary and information purposes, in accordance with the study and research missions of the Library. In the event of improper use, the user will be asked to step aside.

4.Handling of library documents

Users must take care of the documents provided by the Library; it is absolutely forbidden to cut out pages, write notes or underline passages in the documents. Any users at fault must pay for a new copy or replace the document (flat rate set by the WCL management).

5.Basic rules of good manners

Users and staff are urged to work in silence: WCL’s premises are, above all, a place of work and study where quiet must be preserved. They must also follow the basic rules of good manners.

6.Forbidden items

It is forbidden:
  • to bring and consume food and drink in the Library,
  • to use mobile phones or any other object that may cause noise,
  • to plug in any electrical device on the floor (except computers),
  • to use any wheeled means of locomotion,
  • to enter the Library premises with bulky luggage,
  • to bring in animals, except when they act as an escort for disabled persons.

7.Electrical power outlets

The connection of laptops to the WCL’s electrical outlets or network sockets does not involve the management’s responsibility in the event of breakdown or damage to the equipment.

8.Document posting

The posting and deposit of documents (courses, tracts, advertisements) are subject to authorisation.

9.Data/Information aquisition

All photography, recordings, reports, interviews, and surveys within the World Conquest Library are subject to the authorization of the director.

10.Personal objects and properties

Each user of the World Conquest Library is responsible for his or her personal objects and properties. The Library is not responsible for thefts, nor for any damage resulting from disputes between users.

11.Evacuation instructions

In the event of an incident or fire alarm, the safety and evacuation instructions given by the staff must be followed.

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